If you own a cat, you know that they like to be amused. Whether it is because of something nice you have done, or at your expense, cats must have fun. There are many toys you can make for your feline friend that will help him (her) to have spontaneous moments of enjoyment.

Here are a few ideas for some homemade fun for your small pal. With all toys, whether store-bought or homemade, supervise your cat to make sure that no parts come loose and become a hazard for him.

Catnip Sock Toy

One of the easiest and most delightful toys for your cat is a catnip sock toy. Find an old sock that has no holes, and then push an empty toilet paper roll into the bottom of it. Fill the toilet paper roll with catnip, and then tie the empty leg of the sock into a knot. Your cat will love this simple yet creative idea.

Cardboard Playhouse

Many cats love crawling around in new spaces. Build a playhouse for your cat out of one or more cardboard boxes and cut windows out so your cat can see out of them. If you are using more than one box, you can cut a hole in between both boxes that are large enough to crawl from one compartment to the other. Jazz it up by painting the playhouse to suit your home décor.

Knitted Catnip Cuddle Toys

Choose a color of yarn as well as a shape that you like, such as a heart, square, or star. Knit two identical shapes and sew them together. Leave a small opening that you can insert catnip in, and then sew the hole shut. Your cat will love playing with this delightful toy for hours.

Easter Egg Shaker

You can buy packs of several plastic Easter eggs from the store, even dollar stores, for an extremely affordable price. Take one of these Easter eggs, open it up, and insert several beans. Close it up and watch your cat have fun moving this around. Make a few in different colors so your cat can choose one or two to play with any time he feels like it.

Sunny Toilet Paper Roll

All you need for this one is an old toilet paper roll and a pair of scissors. Hold the toilet paper roll and cut 1-inch strips every 1/4 inch to create several tabs. When they are finished, push back the tabs to create what looks like a beaming sun on each end. Your cat will love to bat this around.

Cats can get bored just like humans. Fun is essential for the life of a cat, and so is exercise. When a cat is having fun, it will generally move around a lot. By making some of these simple toys for your cat, you will put some playback into his life. Try any of these simple crafts and watch your feline friend come alive with joy.